Chitravina Ravikiran


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Martha Vallon, Micah Behr, Kangwon Kim, and Nathan Giglierano











February 12,

Stoughton Opera House

Concert by Chitravina N Ravikiran with the Madison Bach Musicians

Defying the conventional wisdom that east and west cannot meet in their musical traditions because of the clash and contradictions of cultures, Ravikiran provide a platform for Indian and western classical music to beautifully coalesce on the same stage.

Since his grand entrance at age two, Chitravina N Ravikiran has been one of the most inspiring ambassadors of Indian music and culture. The substance and quality of his contributions as instrumentalist, composer, vocalist, guru, author, and orator are held in the highest regard.  Ravikiran is the inventor of the Award-Winning world music concept Melharmony—a synergy between melodic concepts not common in the West (in terms of form, structure, and ornamentation) and harmonic dimensions that are almost totally absent in the East.  The Wisconsin State Journal got it right: Ravikiran is the “Mozart of Indian music.”

Highlighting the differences and common factors between the melody-dominant Indian classical music, and harmony-based western classical, the concert features some of the finest classical musicians from across the globe proving once again that music is a universal language we can all understand.

Madison Bach Musicians: Kangwon L. Kim, baroque violin, Nathan Giglierano, baroque violin, Micah Behr, viola, Martha Vallon, cello

The Arohana Ensemble supports.


Tickets $30

MBM performs at the Melharmony Festival; MBM will play a 20 minute set with internationally-acclaimed Indian classical music superstar, Ravikiran.